Aegis Shield

Aegis Shield varied a lot in everything that needed to be put together for the project to be a success.

The platform lets athletes look up or scan on their phone a product or supplement to find out if what their taking has ingredients on a banned substance list. The World Anti-Doping Association, NFL, MLB, NCAA and even the WWE all have lists of banned ingredients and Aegis Shield makes a visit to the vitamin store less of a hassle.

Aegis Shield was the first project that we switched to PostgreSQL from MySQL. The switch wasn’t particularly painful, but there ended up being a few gotchas. Migrating the legacy database was much more time consuming and annoying.

This project had me do everything from top to bottom including database design, back end systems, server setup with a load balancer, the iOS app, and front end design and ajax.

Because this system existed in a broken state from another development company, not only did we use our own more stable RESTful API, but made a legacy API for users that hadn’t updated their phone app.

The iOS app was my responsibility. The junior developer working with me had never built an app of this scope so there was, well, lots of hand holding. I think teaching Objective-C and the iOS framework taught me more about it than I knew at the start. Swift had come out at the tail end of this project and to be honest I’m a little bummed that I haven’t had the opportunity to write another iOS app since because I would love to write an app entirely in Swift.